As the name suggests, this blog is intended for those who want a brief summary and overview of leftist books/current events. More specifically, it is primarily geared towards those who are new to Marxism and/or are learning the basics. Still, those with a more intermediate knowledge regarding Marxism may find this blog useful to review, and for this reason I have labeled my posts with different levels of difficulty in understanding the concepts contained in the post. For those new to Marxism, I suggest starting with posts tagged as beginner and working your way up the levels.

I have also created a reading list (in order) based off of my existing posts on this blog, which may serve as a guide for navigating the content. I try to find online links to the readings that I have done, and, if available, include them in the end of my post in order to make the works accessible.

I am also open to taking book suggestions. To make a book suggestion or to see which works I plan on reading/posting next, click here to access my reading list.

Lastly, if you would like to provide feedback regarding anything in my blog, please send me an email at busymarxist@gmail.com. Any criticism is greatly appreciated!