As the name suggests, this blog is intended for those who want a brief summary and overview of leftist books/current events. More specifically, it is primarily geared towards those who are new to Marxism and/or are learning the basics. Still, those with a more intermediate knowledge regarding Marxism may find this blog useful to review, and for this reason I have labeled my posts with different levels of difficulty in understanding the concepts contained in the post. For those new to Marxism, I suggest starting with posts tagged as beginner and working your way up the levels.

I have also created a reading list (in order) based off of my existing posts on this blog, which may serve as a guide for navigating the content. I try to find online links to the readings that I have done, and, if available, include them in the end of my post in order to make the works accessible.

I am also open to taking book suggestions. To make a book suggestion or to see which works I plan on reading/posting next, click here to access my reading list.

Lastly, if you would like to provide feedback regarding anything in this blog, please send me an email at busymarxist@gmail.com. Any criticism is greatly appreciated!

A description of the format of posts categorized as notes:

Review: In this section, I give a rating, time to read, and difficulty level of the piece. Additionally, I give my thoughts and opinions regarding the selected work, how it’s relevant today, why you should read it and what concepts are covered, and some pros and cons.

Rating: On a scale of 1-5–with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst–this scale is relative based on the works that are uploaded on this site, not in general. The criteria for this scale is relevance today, usefulness, content, and cost effectiveness in reading (number of concepts presented and explained per page).

Time to read: On a scale from 1-10–with 10 being the longest time, and 1 being the shortest time to read–this scale is also relative based on the works that are uploaded on this site. Factors that are calculated into this rating are the number of pages, difficulty in reading the text, and difficulty in comprehending the concepts presented. Of course, this rating is somewhat subjective and will differ based on how much prior reading you’ve done and how familiar you are with the content.

Difficulty level: This can be one of three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The qualifications for each of these categories is based on how advanced the material is in terms of concepts presented. Again, this is relative based on the works uploaded on this blog.

Overview: Here, I provide a more in-depth summary of the work in an essay format, in which I attempt to connect all of the concepts together in one flowing piece. This section is based off of the subsections of the Outline, and will generally provide a brief analysis and explanation for each subsection.

Outline: In this section, I write the notes that I took while reading the text. In the case of books, I add page numbers at the end of each note (in parenthesis) for where I got the note from. I organize the notes into subsections, and rearrange both the subsections and the individual notes if it flows better.

At the end of the post, I will add a link to the text online if I can find it. Occasionally, I may also write a note or provide other resources if I believe it helps in understanding the text.